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Breakfast with a bang!

Exploding eggs and other breakfast experiments

I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen and I’m currently typing this blog with egg in my hair, as one of my culinary ideas decided to explode. Why am I doing this? Because I’m trying to come up with something fun and different for guests to eat at breakfast, and I absolutely love cooking. I had a wee baking book published in 2012 called Bake Britannia. It was created to celebrate the queens Diamond Jubilee and showcase some lovely recipes that represent the whole of the UK. I love coming up with new breakfast ideas and even though my husband thinks I’m a little crazy, he doesn’t mind being the taster!

I have perfected my shortbread, thanks to the help of a few generations of my father’s family. Finally discovered the art of making the best home-made baked beans and successfully baked fluffy eggs without them overflowing in the oven. Don’t get me wrong, a lovely full cooked Scottish breakfast is a beautiful thing to behold, but I completely understand that sometimes you just want something a little different to get your taste buds going crazy in the morning.

I have mastered the art of Scotch Pancake making and smothering them in baked apples or some lovely streaky bacon, and I even managed to master the dreaded waffle iron and came away with only a few minor burns. This year though, I want 2016 to be something a little different. I’m making my own locally sourced venison patties that will go down a treat with poached eggs on a buttery bagel. For the veggies I have come up with a potato, carrot and courgette hash brown with some roasted tomatoes in a raspberry vinegar dressing. The best thing is that all of the main ingredients I use come from local producers.

So watch our specials for some creative breakfast ideas. I hope that all of my guests in 2016 don’t mind me experimenting on them. I look forward to getting some feedback and keeping all of my guests happy and full to the brim with some tasty home cooked breakfasts. Though, if any of you do see me with egg in my hair please let me know!