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The big dog blog!

The big dog blog!

We had visitors return from what they described as the most ‘amazing experience’ of their lives and we just had to share their story with you. This happened last year, when a fantastic couple, who were absolutely crazy about dogs, decided to go out on a ruff and ready experience. (See what we did there?)

When they returned to Strathallan absolutely dog tired (I’ll stop there!) I thought they were joking with me when they said they’d spent the day with a pack of sleddogs. Surely you need snow to experience a run with this amazing animals? Apparently not! They visited the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre in Glenmore Forest and spent the most amazing day riding with these beautiful dogs who enjoy what they do and are cared for lovingly by the Stewart Family.

They had an opportunity to meet the dogs, learn about how they are cared for before being whisked away on a breathtaking adventure through some lovely paths in the Cairngorms. Taking in the rugged views of this spectacular landscape and seeing some wildlife along the way. In this experience they were the only two people, including their musher, and said that it felt like a truly personal adventure.

After doing some of my own research, there are many different types of adventures you can go on with the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre. If you don’t want the full throttle experience of being pulled along by the dogs then you can visit them in their expansive kennels and then go on to the museum. If you fancy something a little different, instead of a safari or day trip with the dogs then they are also doing a night time experience too. Sounds exhilarating!

Our guests had to book in advance so make sure to check out their site for further details. Otherwise you’ll be in the doghouse if you miss a chance to have an amazing experience with these beautiful animals. (I couldn’t help myself.)

Remember you don’t need snow to have a wild day out with the sleddogs. So quick, mush mush!

(Image used and owned by the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre website)